GIVING BACK MEANS giving of ourselves

We believe that true wealth in life can also be measured by one’s compassion and generosity. Here are a few examples of the organizations important to us in our community and across the world:

Parent Project Muscular Dystrophy

Parent Project Muscular Dystrophy (PPMD) is a nonprofit organization close to our hearts at Messick Peacock & Associates. In 2005, the Dallas chapter was founded to improve the treatment, quality of life, and long-term outlook for people affected by Duchenne muscular dystrophy. It’s in honor of Sam Killian, a close family friend of Chris Messick and fun-loving boy diagnosed with Duchenne at an early age. Every year, Messick Peacock & Associates participates in a fundraising event called Sam’s Family Fun Day/Sam’s Night to support the fight against the disease.

About Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy

Duchenne is the most common form of childhood muscular dystrophy. The progressive and fatal muscle disorder affects boys and young men and causes the loss of muscle function, wheelchair dependency and a decline in respiratory and cardiac function. It occurs in 1 in 3,500 births making it the most common fatal genetic disorder diagnosed in childhood.

Faith Presbyterian Hospice

Messick Peacock & Associates participates annually in the Each Moment Matters Luncheon. Every three days, Faith Presbyterian Hospice must turn away one end-of-life patient who has little to no funds to pay for their care. They believe every human being deserves the most dignified, strong ending to life. This drives their goal of providing quality and compassionate care for patients, while also extending care to their loved ones. Regardless of an individual’s age or health condition, they know that each moment matters, and should be full of joy and meaning. Proceeds from this event provide assurance, peace and benevolent services to patients and families of Faith Presbyterian Hospice who live in our 13-county service area in North Texas.

Arise Africa

Messick Peacock & Associates is proud to be an active participant of Arise Africa, a nonprofit organization in the country of Zambia committed to assisting individuals with spiritual, economic and physical poverty. Chris Messick has been on two mission trips with Arise Africa to see firsthand the amazing work they do. They strive to empower others through the truth and love of Jesus Christ to become responsible, independent and sustaining individuals. Arise Africa offers child sponsorships, has two homes where children live full time in their custody, and provides school supplies and meals to schools in Zambia.

Raymond James is not affiliated with the above organizations and/or charitable causes.